Assignment #11-Info from the Internet
Due 12/7/00 (Home)

        Answer the following questions.  You can email the answers to me in the body of a message or as an attached text file or Word document.  Or you can print out the answers and turn them in by hand.

        Please include the URL (web address, eg "") for each site from which you get information.

        You may want to check out some sites to see or the links provided by the Connecticut DEP.  Or you can start with a search engine such as Hotbot, Infoseek, or Yahoo.  If you are new to using the world wide web, you might want to click here for some assistance from Imaginary Landscape.

      1. What is the status of the Bald Eagle in Connecticut with respect to the Endangered Species Act?
      1. Who are Connecticut's members of the Stationary Source Review Committee of Northeast States Coordinated Air Use Management?  How would you contact them?
      2. What is the definition of "criminal negligence" under the Connecticut General Statutes?
      3. What is 20/20 Vision?  Name at least one action in which the group has been involved in the last 12 months.
      4. In the May 7, 1996 Federal Register, the EPA  issued a final rule affecting emergency release reporting requirements under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA) (61 Fed. Reg. 20473).  Under these rules, what is the Reportable Quantity and Threshold Planning Quantity for Allyl Alcohol?

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