ENV* K105

Assignment #10--Continuing with Microsoft Access
Due 11/29/05 (Home)

In this assignment, you will add a calculated control and combo box to a form.

  1. Copy the file trcc_cec05.mdb to your I: drive (click here if you need a reminder on how to copy an Access file from the Web).
  2. Create a lookup field in a table as follows:
  3. Next you will add and modify a form.
  4. It would be very handy if our new form displayed the total paid by each member. You will need to add a calculated control to the Dues2005 Subform. On the MemberPayments form you will need to add a control that displays the results of the calculation. Here's how:
  5. Now you will create a combo box to make it easy to find a particular member in the MemberPayment form.
  6. Close Access and then use WebCT to send me your *.mdb file.
  7. .

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