ENV* K105

Assignment #2
Due 09/13/05

Complete the following exercises. Save your files on a floppy or in a folder on your I:\ drive named "HW2." Then submit them using the dropbox in WebCT. Please name your files in such a way that I know whose are whose. For example, if I did problem 3 below, I would name the file "AGB-HW2-3.doc." If the problem has multiple parts, add letters at the end (eg, "AGB-HW2-4a.doc").

  1. Type your name and address in a single paragraph and save the document in a file named "xxxxx’s address.doc" where xxxxx is your name.. Extra credit: Create a footer in the document containing the filename (with path) and the save time and date. The filename and the SAVEDATE are Word Fields (use Insert, Field to get them). You will need to add a switch to the FILENAME field.
  2. Finish reading Microsoft® Word 97 for Engineers (Sorby). You should read the whole book. Many of the questions you may have about this assignment are answered there.
  3. Do exercise 4 on page 58 of Sorby. You might make a table of this data in Excel, but Word has some prettier formatting options. Also, if you were inserting the table into a report, it would be smoother just to use Word.
  4. Note: The last column should contain the following values, not just "0" and "42.3"









    Also, if you add up the numbers, the total weight is not 500.0 g.

  5. Do exercise 1 on page 72 and exercise 5 on page 73.
  6. Do the "Try it" on page 82 and exercise 6 on page 91.
  7. Do the "try it" on page 97. and exercise 2 on page 101. Note: "σy" is two different characters, the symbol "σ" followed by a subscripted "y." Ditto for "σu."

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