To automatically update Result2:

Note: This part of the assignment is optional. I don't think you would normally use a macro to do what this one will do (update a field). But this is good practice for when we create macros in Microsoft Excel in a few weeks.

  1. Replace the dropdown fields at bookmarks Result1 and Result2 with text fields with the same names.
  2. Make a practice run of the procedure.
    1. With the template open and the form locked, hit the Select Browse Object button (a little circle between the blue double arrows below the scroll vertical scroll bar.
    2. Select Go To (the little arrow in the lower left).
    3. In the Go to what area select Bookmark. From the dropdown list, choose Result1.
    4. Hit CTRL-C to copy the contents of the text field at Result1.
    5. Use the Select Browse Object again to Go To the bookmark named Result2.
    6. Hit CTRL-V to paste the copied text into the text field.
    7. Use Go To one last time to go back to Result1.
    8. Try this procedure a couple of times until you have it smooth.
  3. With the template open, be sure that the form is unlocked. Then select Tools, Macros, Record New Macro.
    1. The Record Macro dialogue opens.
    2. For the Macro name, enter autoChangeResult2.
    3. For the Store macro in setting, select the template you are currently working on.
    4. In the description, enter "Update Result1 based on Result2, recorded by XXX on xx/xx/00" (substituting your initials and today's date.
    5. Click OK. Warning! Once you click OK the macro recorder will record every key stroke you make.
  4. Run through the GoTo, Copy, GoTo, Paste, GoTo procedure you learned above.
    1. When you are finished, click the Stop Recording button on the macro toolbar.
  5. Associate the macro with Result1.
    1. Unlock the form.
    2. Double click on the field at Result1 to open the Text Form Field Options dialogue.
    3. In the Run on exit area, select autoChangeResult2.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Relock the form and save the template.
  6. Now when you fill in the test result in Result1, it will automatically be filled into Result2.

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