ENV* K105

Assignment #4
Due 9/27/05

Carry out the exercise below. Save your files on a floppy or in a folder on your I:\ drive named "HW4." Then submit them using the dropbox in WebCT.

In this assignment you will create a main document and a data file and then merge them to make a set of form letters. You may want to refer to Microsoft Word Help files or Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2003, by Bott and Leonhard, chapters 23 and 24, for more information.

  1. Read this assignment and print it if necessary.
  2. Make a data file using the names and addresses in sampleaddresses.htm. Add your own name and address. To make the data file:
    1. Open a blank document and create a table. In the first row, create a header with the field names in each cell. Note that you will need fields for first name, last name, street address, town, state and zip. So, make a table with six columns (one for each field).
    2. Copy or type the appropriate information in each cell below the header, as in the following example. Note: Use field names with no spaces for best results. (Also, you will need six columns not just two.)
    3. First_Name








    4. Save the file on your I: drive as "ABC data.doc" where ABC is your initials.
  3. Create a mail merge main document as follows:
    1. With a new, blank document open, display the Mail Merge toolbar by choosing View, Toolbars, Mail Merge.
    2. On the Mail Merge toolbar, click the Main Document setup button on the far left; then select Letters and click OK.
    3. Click the Open Data Source button , second to the left. Then, open the data file you just created.
    4. Save this file as "ABC main.doc" with ABC again your initials.
  4. Type a form letter in the new blank document ("ABC main.doc").
    1. Include in your letter the information that is in letterinfo.htm.
    2. Use at least one outline numbered list in the letter (note: mail merge will work without this).
    3. When you wish to insert a merge field (ie, a field that will be different in each letter) use the Insert Merge Field button , sixth from the left on the Merge toolbar.
    4. Include a header, footer and watermark in the main letter (note: mail merge will work without this).
    5. Use the DATE field for the date in the letter (note: mail merge will work without this). Choose Insert, Field.... Then, scroll down to Date.
    6. At the beginning of the first paragraph in the body of the letter (after "Dear «First_Name»,") use the button on the Merge toolbar to Insert Word Field If...Then...Else.... In the If box, set "Field Name" to "First Name. Set "Comparison" to "Equal to". And set "Compare to" is to "Anthony". In the "Insert this text" box, type "Here is the information included in the letters:" Be sure to hit the enter key at the end of the text. Leave the "Otherwise insert this text" box blank.
  5. Be sure to save your work frequently.
  6. Once the letter is done, merge it as follows:
    1. Merge the entire list to a new document ("ABC entire.doc"). The merge to new document button is fourth from the right.
    2. Set Query options to select only the records with your name and my name. Merge this selected data to a file ("ABC selected.doc") and to the printer. To set Query options, click the Mail Merge Recipients button , third from left. The merge to print button is third from the right.
  7. Turn in your printed copies plus all four Word files. Use WebCT to send me your files.

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