ENV* K105

Assignment #5
Due 10/04/05

Note: The exercises in Liengme are written as if you have your options set so that File, New creates a blank workbook with 3 blank worksheets in it. I recommend that you set the number of worksheets in a new workbook to 1. (Choose Tools, Options…. Under the General tab, type a "1" in the Sheets in new workbook: box.) You can then add a blank worksheet whenever you need one. (Choose Insert, Worksheet.) On this same screen, you can set the default file location and user name.

Create a separate workbook (*.xls file) for each chapter. Name each file "ABC-chapterX.xls" (without the quotes). Change ABC to your initials; change X to the chapter number. Alternatively, you may put all the work in a single Excel file called "ABCAssignment5.xls" as long as you name each sheet something that makes sense. Save your files in a folder on your I:\ drive named "HW5." Then submit them using the dropbox in WebCT. Note: If you want to carry your files home on a floppy, I recommend that you copy them from your network drive or the hard drive. Excel does not like working with files on a floppy.

  1. Read up to page 92 in A Guide to Microsoft Excel 2002, Third Edition, (Liengme). If you wish, review the notes giving an Introduction to Excel. This material is covered in some detail in chapters 24-26 of Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2003, which is on overnight reserve in the Thames library.
  2. In Liengme, do exercise 2 on page 4 and problem 1 and problem 2 on page 15. For problem 1, write up a brief answer in Word.
  3. Do exercises 1-3 starting on page 18 (pay close attention to the note on page 21) and exercise 10 on page 32.
  4. Do exercise 5 on page 47 and exercise 10 on page 52. Note: Please put the header and footer from exercise 5 on the sheeet that you print in exercise 10.
  5. Do exercises 1-4 starting on page 58.
  6. Do exercise 1 on page 76, exercise 3 on page 78, and exercise 7 on page 84.
  7. Turn in printed copies for problem 1 on page 15 and exercise 10 on page 52. Use WebCT to send me all your files.

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