ENV* K105

Assignment #7: Curve Fitting & Solver
Part I Due 10/18/05

In this assignment you will do two unrelated things: (1) You will work with linear relationships, using the forecast() function to predict values and using Insert, Trendline..., to put a line on a graph. (2) You will use the solver to create a calculator sheet that can solve an equation that cannot be solved algebraically.

  1. Read this assignment.

Part I: Curve Fitting

  1. Read Chapter 7 in Liengme. Work Exercises 1, 2, and 3 and Problems 1 (a) and 1 (b). For problem one, there's a hint if you need it.
  2. Save the worksheet titled "ConductivityTDSData.xls" to your I: drive (click here if you would like to review how to save from a link.) Open the saved workbook and fill in the last column ("Predicted TDS") using the Forecast() function.
  3. Create an X-Y Graph (scatter plot) of the Conductivity and TDS values. Add a linear trendline. Label the graph, the axes, and the data series appropriately.
  4. Print the appropriate sections of the worksheets you have worked on.
  5. Use WebCT to send me all your files. Please include your initials somewhere in the name of each file you turn in.

NOTE: Mid-term exam will cover up to this point.

Part II: Goal Seek and Solver

  1. Work the following Goal Seek example:
  2. Build a water chemistry calculator and use it with Solver.
  3. (equation 1)

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