ENV* K105

Extra Credit Quiz
Turn this in via WebCT no later than noon on 11/15 to earn up to 10 extra points.

Problem #1

Use Microsoft Word to create a document that looks like this:

  • This is a screen shot. You don't need to worry about the toolbar and the ruler displayed at the top.
  • I have turned on the display of the non-printing characters to help you see what I have done.
  • All text is in Times New Roman font except the title. The title is 16 pt Arial bold. All other is 12 pt.
  • The box around the title is a border applied to the paragraph. There are no tables in the document.
  • The dotted lines are tab stop leader characters. The tab stops are at 5" and are decimal aligned.
  • There are no blank lines or blank paragraphs in the document. The paragraph formatting is set so that the space before is 12 pt.

Problem #2

Using Microsoft Excel, answer the following questions about the data in nh4.txt. Note: That file is tab-delimited.

  1. What are the slope and intercept of the best-fit (least-squares) line described by the equation
    log([NH4+]) = (slope)*mV + (intercept)?
  2. For a mV value of 0.000, what is your best guess for the value of log([NH4])?
  3. What is the value of [NH4] that corresponds to that log value? Note: To get the [NH4] value from the log value use =10^LV or =power(10,LV), where "LV" is the log value.

Be sure your answers are clearly marked in the Excel file you use to find them.

Submit the Word document and the Excel workbook to me in a single zip folder via WebCT. Include your initials in the names of the files and the name of the zip folder.

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