There is no class on 12/13.

ENV* K105

Final Assignment
Due no later than 11 pm on 12/13/05, but please turn it in as soon as you can. (Home)

  1. Use the techniques and skills you have learned in this class to enhance an assignment for another class.
    • For example, you could add graphs (Excel) and fancy tables (Word) to a lab report.
    • If you need assistance with something, just ask.
    • You can use a real assignment that you actually turn in for credit in another course as long as the next bullet is satisfied (yes, you can double dip here).
    • You must use advanced features of Word, Excel, Access, or PowerPoint, preferably more than one.
    • Let me know asap what you plan to turn in.
  2. Submit your work via WebCT.
  3. Have a good break.

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Anthony G Benoit
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