ENV* K105

Mid Term
Please do not start on this exam until 9 am on 10/25/05. Please turn in the exam by the end of class on that day.

Answer all four problems:

Problem #1

Use Microsoft Word to create a document that looks like this:

  • This is a screen shot. You don't need to worry about the toolbar and the ruler displayed at the top.
  • I have turned on the display of the non-printing characters to help you see what I have done.
  • All text is in Times New Roman font. The title is 16 pt and bold. All other is 12 pt. In the table, the text is bold.
  • The little 1 and 2 after the Greek symbols are regular font formatted to superscript.
  • There are no underline characters in the document. The lines are tab stop leader characters. The tab stops are at 4" and 5.94"
  • The notes are a numbered list. The paragraph formatting is set so that the space before is 12 pt.

Problem #2

Create an Excel spreadsheet using the data in mtdata.txt. Add a fourth column called "Percent Recovery" with the formula: Percent Recovery = (Measured_Value)/(True_Value) * 100%. Before entering this formula, create range names for the measured and true values.

Include a chart that looks like this:

This is an x-y chart. Note that the series labeled "mean" is simply the same value for each date. You can enter dates (such as 10/11/2004) directly in the minimum and maximum values for the scale of an axis whose values are date formatted. Format the patterns for each series so that the lines look like those in the example.

Problem #3

Consider the following set of data:













Use Excel to answer these questions. Be sure you understand which is x and which is y for each.

  1. For a C value of 53, what is your best guess for the value of A?
  2. What are the slope and intercept of the best-fit (least-squares) line described by the equation
    C = (slope)*A + (intercept)?

Problem #4

Create a Word mail merge main document that is a form letter telling a list of students what their grades were. The text for the letter is in gradesLetter.htm. The data is in GradesData.doc. You should replace the appropriate words in the letter with Merge Fields. All text is in Times New Roman font and is 12 pt unless otherwise specified. The school name is in the header and is 36 pt. The last name and grade are separated by a single tab with the tab stop set with a period as the leader character. They are in 16 pt bold. The formula for score is a Microsoft Equation Editor object.

Submit the Word documents (include your merge data source) and the Excel workbooks to me via WebCT. Include your initials in the names of the files.

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