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BIO128/ENV1100 Environmental Science/Studies Spring '02 (distance learning

Course Content

We will cover the following topics over the span of 15 weeks:

Topics for BIO128/ENV1100 with Learning Units and Deadlines:


Learning Unit

Approximate Deadline for Completion

1.   Introduction

1.1.   Welcome and Introduction
1.2.   Environmental science...
1.3.   ...and environmentalism


2.   Ecosystem Fundamentals

2.1.   What is an ecosystem?
2.2.   Biotic structure (trophic structure)
2.3.   The chemistry of ecosystems
2.4.   Abiotic factors
2.5.   Energy transformations


3.   Biological Communities

3.1.   Communities
3.2.   Population dynamics


4.   People, Resources and Money

4.1.   The human population
4.2.   Environmental economics
4.3.   Natural resources


5.   Earth

5.1.   Geological resources
5.2.   Food production


6.   Water

6.1.   The water cycle
6.2.   Water quality and water pollution


7.   Air

7.1.   The atmosphere
7.2.   Air quality and air pollution


8.   Wastes and Hazards

8.1.   Hazardous materials
8.2.   Toxicology and risk assessment
8.3.   Solid waste


9.   Energy

9.1.   Energy
9.2.  Conservation and renewable energy


Required Reading

Most of the background information for this course you can get from the textbook:

Raven & Berg, Environment, 3rd Ed., (Harcourt College Publishers, 2001). This book is a secondary source, a compilation and summary of information developed by other people.

There will also be discussion threads based on about twelve of the articles in T Goldfarb, ed., Notable Selections in Environmental Studies, 2nd Ed., (Dushkin/McGraw-Hill, 2000). These articles are considered to be primary sources, not rehearsals or summaries of other people's work.