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Environmental Measurements Lab-Spring '04 Extra Credit Questions
10 points/Due 14 May 04

  1. What are the differences between the membrane filter test for total coliforms and the membrane filter test for fecal coliforms? Address the following points: (a) types of water the test is used on, (b) the organisms detected, (c) the incubation temperature, (d) the test medium, and (e) the expected results.
  2. What is the definition of total coliform bacteria? What is the limit for total coliform bacteria in drinking water?
  3. Why are the petri dishes used in the membrane filter methods incubated upside down?
  4. What methods other than the MF methods can be used to detect coliforms in water?
  5. What is wrong with this excerpt from an Environmental Science textbook? (I spot at least three errors; tell me two for two points).
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