How to use the Sartorius analytical balance:

1. CHECK ZERO. Set all controls to zero. Turn release lever down. If scale does not stop on zero, adjust with zero control knob (right side, behind micrometer control knob).

2. WEIGHING AN UNKNOWN. Place object on pan. Turn release lever "up." Coarse weight (to the nearest gram) is now indicated on optical scale by the scale line immediately below the indicator line, e.g., 41 grams. Dial in 41 with macro weight Knobs.

3. READING THE RESULT. Now turn release lever "down." When scale stops, use micrometer knob to superimpose scale pointer on next lower division. Read total weight from left to right, observing decimal point.

4. MAKE ALL ADJUSTMENTS SMOOTHLY. Stop momentarily in "arrested" position before turning release lever "down." If pan swings too much, arrest once more.

5. PRE-WEIGHING ZERO ADJUST. If Coarse (pre-weighing) range of 0-100 grams is not on zero (without load), adjustment must be made under hood. Refer to Operating Manual for this series.

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Posted by Anthony Benoit
Environmental Engineering Technology at Three Rivers