Three Rivers Community College

Anthony Benoit

Phone: 885-2386 | Office: Room TH 201B


PSY K111 General Psychology I

Spring í04 (Wednesday evening section)

To get an A in this class:

  1. You should attend class. Missing more than two class meetings without prior approval or a well documented, valid excuse will automatically lower your final grade. More importantly, if you are not in class, you cannot participate so your grade and performance is likely to suffer in other ways. Class will start by 6:05 pm and run until 8:45 pm; arriving late or leaving early is also missing class.
  2. You should take all three quizzes and the final. If you have a valid, documented reason for missing a single quiz, you may take a make-up immediately before class the following week. No other make-ups will be permitted. Come prepared to my office (Room 201B). Anything covered in lecture or in the textbook or other assigned readings may show up on a quiz. Quizzes will be mostly based on the preceding few weeks of class (ie, since the previous quiz). The final will emphasize the last few weeks of class but will include material from the entire semester. Tests will include multiple choice and short answer questions.
  3. You should turn in all three critiques by the due date. See page 4 for more information.
  4. You should speak up in class. Ask questions and make comments as appropriate.
  5. You should read and review the assigned modules in the Myers text and the other book. If you read ahead, you will be better prepared to question the things I say and to participate in class discussions.
  6. Bring in newspaper articles, magazine articles, blurbs from the Internet, and so forth, that relate to psychology, especially to the things that we are covering in class. These make excellent starting points for class discussions. Post to the class discussions on WebCT.

Important information about plagiarism: Everything you submit should be your own work and your own words. You should feel free to use information and ideas from any book, article, website, and so forth, and you may quote from these word for word. But, you must mark all quotations with quotation marks and clearly indicate the source of all words, ideas and information which are not your own. See for more information and examples. You will not be given credit for work that is not your own. In the case of willful or repeated violations, students may be subject to disciplinary action. Recently, two students failed one of my classes because they submitted copied work without proper documentation.

Your final grade will be based on the following point breakdown:

Quizzes 1-3, 10 points each

 30 points


 20 points

Critiques 1-3, 10 points each

 30 points

Class Participation*

 20 points

Total:100 points

*Class participation includes attendance, discussion (in class and on WebCT), homework, participation in group projects, tidbits of info (eg, news clippings) and courtesy toward your classmates & instructor. I reserve the right to permit students to turn in extra credit work later in the semester.

Note on withdrawal from class: If you decide that you are unable to complete this class this semester, you must formally withdraw by Monday, 26-Apr-04. Contact the Registrarís office (892-5756) for information on how to withdraw. If you do not formally withdraw by that date, I am required to assign a grade based on whatever work you have completed. That grade may be an F.

Note on disabilities: If you have a hidden or visible disability that requires classroom or test-taking modifications, the College will make reasonable accommodations. If you have not already done so, you may wish to see Chris Scarborough, Learning Specialist, in the Mohegan Library. His number is 892-5751. To receive accommodations, you must inform the College of your disability and provide documentation as necessary. Three Rivers and I are committed to helping all students succeed. Please feel free to discuss any aspect of this course with me.

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