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Be sure to submit this assignment, Assignment 12, and your Final Assignment by 12/13/05. There's no class meeting on that day.

Assignment #11-PowerPoint, etc
Due 12/13/05 (Home)

I can't let you go without being exposed to PowerPoint. This presentation software has ruined the minds of many otherwise intelligent people (for a satirical look at this problem, see the Gettysburg PowerPoint). Even if you haven't already, you will be expected to use this in school and on the job. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the application is easy to use. This assignment is an opportunity for you to play with PowerPoint without worrying about the content of your presentation.

  1. The wizards, templates, and help in PowerPoint should be enough to get you through this assignment, but there is more information in Chapters 28 through 32 of Special Edition Using Microsoft Office XP (on reserve in the Thames Valley library).
  2. Create a presentation containing at least five slides on any topic you wish.
  3. You may use the internet as your sole source of information if you wish. Alternatively, you can use any books, magazines, TV shows, etc, as you please. If you have a picture (photo, drawing, etc) you would like to scan in, I can do that in my office.
  4. Submit your presentation via WebCT. I may upload them to http://environmentalet.org/studentpresentations/ for all of us to enjoy, provided they are funny, insightful, or instructive. Note: If you include graphics, sound, video, smells, flames, nuclear explosions, etc, in your presentation, the *.ppt file will be very large. If necessary, submit it to me on a Zip disk or CD. Write a note in Word that you are going to give me a disk and submit the Word file via WebCT.

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