ENV* K105

Assignment #12-Info from the Internet
Due 12/13/05 (Home)

Note: Be sure to look at Assignment 12 and the Final Assignment, too.

Answer the following questions.  Type up your answers as a Microsoft Word document and submit via WebCT

For each question please include:

You may want to check out some sites to see or the links provided by the Connecticut DEP. In my Environmental Studies class, I refer students to my tips for evaluating websites. To find information on the Web, use a search engine such as Google. Others include Lycos and Yahoo, but I don't find their search results to be as good. (I used to suggest Infoseek, but go.com's alliance with ABC forces you to look at pop-up windows for ABC news.) Dogpile compiles the results from multiple engines (as does metacrawler). If you are new to using the world wide web (or even if not), you might want to click here for some assistance from Imaginary Landscape.

  1. Where was the Ivory Billed Woodpecker spotted in 2004 (what refuge, in what state)? When had it last been seen before that year?
  2. In Connecticut, has Diesel Fuel or Home Heating Oil been found to be contaminated with MTBE? If so, how much MTBE has been found? What print publication has an article on this subject?
  3. Are the Coyotes in Connecticut bigger or smaller than the coyotes out west? How do you discourage coyotes from coming around your house? What is the scientific (latin) name for coyote?
  4. What are the grain size specifications for select fill used for household leaching systems in Connecticut?
  5. How should people at high risk limit their consumption of fish from Lake Wyassup because of mercury? Who is at high risk?
  6. Name at least one college in Connecticut that has a Bachelor's degree program in Civil Engineering Technology. How would this degree help you toward becoming a PE (professional engineer)?
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